Design Engineering 

Coating Systems Group is your turnkey project provider. We retain our key design engineering resources in-house in order to serve our customers in the priority fashion they expect - and deserve. Design Engineering using SolidWorks® 3D modeling software, and Project Management are strategic strengths at CSG, and they are essential to the timely and successful completion of your paint finishing project. 

The conveyor is the heart of the paint system, keeping parts moving on schedule. CSG provides conveyor systems to support automatic or manual painting.

Parts can be transported through pretreat machines, washers, auto loading, masking, fully enclosed spray booths, flashoff zones, convection bake ovens, IR or UV cure ovens, cooling tunnels and paint mix rooms.
Conveyor types include chain-on-edge spindle type with spinner drives, indexing fixture type, overhead hanger with powered rotators, anti-static flatline belt, precision rotary turntables or automatic shuttles. Automated hoist or pusher type conveyors can be supplied for dip operations.

Engineering Services

  • Concept Design

  • Process Verification Consulting

  • Project Coordination

  • General Arrangements

  • Customer Approval Drawings

  • Detailed Design Drawings

  • Controls Engineering

  • As-Built Documentation

  • Maintenance Manuals

  • Spare Parts Program

Field Services
  • Site Survey

  • Installation Supervision

  • Startup Field Engineering

  • Operator Training

  • Optional Process Development Consulting


Our proposal will outline the Turnkey Services included on your project. Further mechanical field services can be made available as needed for follow-up to the project. Standard format for drawings is AutoCAD® DWG.

Fully enclosed system with control console, graphic screen and viewing windows for overseeing and adjusting process parameters.

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