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CSG is an experienced turnkey systems supplier and will provide the engineering and project management functions needed to ensure timely completion of your project. 

Project Management 

Coating Systems Group project managers bring a combined 50+ years experience in designing, building and commissioning paint finishing systems in a wide range of industries from automotive to aerospace to appliance components coating. 

Supply chain management
Project coordination – key to delivering a turnkey paint system on time and on budget
Quality control systems in place save time and rework
CSG field services include startup assistance and process development support
Full fabrication services including sheet metal, welding, assembly and testing

How do you measure success?

We understand that a successful paint finishing systems project can only result from a partnership between:

  • You, the end user

  • Your coating material supplier

  • Your pretreat chemistry supplier

  • Your paint system provider

As your turnkey system provider, we will ensure that every important voice is heard - before the paint finishing systems design is set in motion.


Meeting objectives

Success means meeting your entire set of objectives for the finishing systems project - even the ones you may not have recognized yet. For example, the paint finishing systems project must enable you to:

  1. Meet your customer's performance spec's

  2. Optimize coating performance

  3. Maximize product quality with low reject rate

  4. Be durable and reliable

  5. Integrate into the plant process flow

  6. Support your corporate manufacturing philosophy

  7. Minimize direct and maintenance labor


Produce high material efficiencies

  1. Occupy a minimum of floor space

  2. Conform to safety and environmental standards

  3. Give you useful management information feedback


Your success

CSG will ensure you achieve your finishing systems project goals, by combining:

  • Partnership (The team approach)

  • Experience (Our painting systems background)

  • Process Testing (The scientific method)

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