Painting Systems 

Turnkey systems for the application of paint or powder
CSG finishing systems combine conveyors, booths, cure technologies and process controls designed specifically to suit your project goals. The design of your coating system will incorporate material handling techniques tailored to the requirements of your product. Your system controls can include SCADA (data acquisition capability) to support quality control and a network for communicating with your factory information system. 

Paint line automation

Many paint finishing systems can benefit from the addition of our automated loading, masking or transfers.

For example, the automated transfer of parts from a paint line to a bake line can dramatically reduce the buildup of paint overspray on the conveyor fixtures.

Following the CSG approach, we will help you analyze your manufacturing process to ensure that every operation is a value-added step. In the design engineering phase we will study which factory automation components should be sourced and integrated and which ones need to be custom-designed and manufactured by CSG.

The Right Equipment

Designs of Paint Finishing Systems vary tremendously because each customers' parts are unique. Each product requires specific conveyor systems, parts washers, and coating methods. CSG is not limited to certain proprietary technologies.

We incorporate the best tools and technologies to suit your product and your coating material into a turnkey system designed to meet your needs cost-effectively.

Part fixture tooling

We develop appropriate work- holder designs to achieve the stability and precision necessary for parts presentation to the spray guns. 

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