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Spray Machines 

  • Vertical oscillators (short-stroke)

  • Horizontal reciprocators (long-stroke) 

  • Programmable gun movers (multi-axis)

  • Spray gun positioners (in/out)

  • Powered rotators

Artomation - The Art of Automation

CSG has added the Artomation® line of automated spray machines to our turnkey finishing systems. Vertical or Horizontal, 1, 2 or 3-Axis, your spray machine will be designed and built to meet your specific requirements.


Follow the link below to learn more about these precise and flexible automated coating machines.

Fanuc robot integration for UV paint curing applications
Heavy-duty vertical oscillators for powder coating or dry ice blasting
Indexing or continuous chain-on-edge spindle conveyor with integration of isolation unit for electrostatic application of waterborne paints
Horizontal X-Y spray machine for high-tech coatings with shuttle for product loading
  • Air atomized paint spray

  • Air-assisted airless

  • Electrostatic rotary atomizers

  • Electrostatic powder spray 

  • Fluidized powder beds

  • Robot paint spray

  • Controlled dip

Test panel paint spray machine, vertical X-Y (H-bot type), with integral target rack
Horizontal X-Y test panel spray machine with rotation to vertical orientation
Horizontal spray machine for powder coating with auto shuttle trays
Yaskawa Motoman paint robot integration for aerospace coating
Modular test panel spray paint machine, vertical, with integration of paint supply and atomizers
Low-cost Artomation PanelPro Junior AC with XP AC motors
Vertical reciprocator with spray gun extensions for ID coating
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