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    Spray Machines 

    • Vertical oscillators (short-stroke)

    • Horizontal reciprocators (long-stroke) 

    • Programmable gun movers (multi-axis)

    • Spray gun positioners (in/out)

    • Powered rotators

    Artomation - The Art of Automation

    CSG has added the Artomation® line of automated spray machines to our turnkey finishing systems. Vertical or Horizontal, 1, 2 or 3-Axis, your spray machine will be designed and built to meet your specific requirements.


    Follow the link below to learn more about these precise and flexible automated coating machines.

    • Air atomized paint spray

    • Air-assisted airless

    • Electrostatic rotary atomizers

    • Electrostatic powder spray 

    • Fluidized powder beds

    • Robot paint spray

    • Controlled dip

    Spray machine demo
    Spray Machine Demo